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Totally saved my life!
Totally saved my life! I knew that after I had driven away and disappointed everybody that I loved, that I had hit rock bottom and was as sad and miserable as I felt. I had nearly abandoned hope with all of the rehab programs that I had attempted and failed. Only drug rehabs Philadelphia worked - they gave me hope again, helped me understand addiction, and taught me the way to get sober and keep it that way. I would probably still be living on the streets, on my own, and miserable without their help. Instead, I have my family back again, I have a great job, and the support I need to keep sober and healthy.
, Philadelphia Nov 17, 2011

Extremely supportive!
Extremely supportive! Philadelphia’s treatment facilities and houses were all beautiful, and helped make my rehab experience effective and a success. I highly recommend them!
, Philadelphia May 10, 2011

Very successful!
Very successful! This was not my first treatment, but it's the first one that worked. With the assistance of Philadelphia rehab centers, I am finally clean and sober, and am able to handle my addiction!
, Philadelphia Jul 10, 2011

Very effective!
Very effective! I’m incredibly thankful for their help! Because of them, I have my life back, I'm capable of reconnecting with my family, and I have a great job in order to support my loved ones. I would definitely suggest their detoxification and rehabilitation services for someone who needs to alter their lifestyle!
, Philadelphia Sep 9, 2011

The absolute best program!
The absolute best program! When I first started my rehabilitation program at one of Philadlphia's best treatment centers, I actually did not want to open up during group or individual meetings. Not only did I used to believe that rehab didn’t work, but I assumed that nobody would understand me or my problems with addiction. However, after I started to listen to the stories of others in the program, I noticed that a lot of us had experienced similar problems. Soon I began to participate, open up, and get much stronger and healthier. Their kind and understanding program truly saved my life!
, Philadelphia Jan 18, 2012

Drug Rehab in Philadelphia is rated 5/5 based on 5 reviews.